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Adaptive Resource Engineers
Consulting Mechanical Engineers in various fields of the Built Environment.

Our Service Area includes predominantly the Greater Gauteng Area, however, work is also undertaken further afield in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.


We offer the following services:

  • Mechanical Services; Airconditioning, Wet Services, Kitchens & Elevators
  • Electrical Services; Limited to adjunct to Mechanical Services
  • Automation, Control, Telemetry
  • Security Services
  • Particular Fields of Expertise:


Particular Fields of Expertise:

  • Energy effective design.
    Meaningful input at the design stage and systems designed such that the building is energy efficient without detracting from the building’s appearance, function or cost norms. Without exception, buildings incorporating our designs have among the lowest energy usages in multi building property portfolios. (Refer: Sanlam & Telkom)

  • Evaporative cooling.
    Introducing direct or indirect evaporative cooling either alone as a system or as an extension to conventional airconditioning systems to achieve better comfort and energy consumption at a low capital cost.

  • Control and Building Automation.
    All our designs since 1983 have had well configured digital control systems at moderate capital costs. We have been busy retrofitting more recent control systems designed by others while all our designs since 1983 still remain state of the art.

  • Prestige Office Blocks.
    We have extensive experience and exposure on high profile prestige office blocks and corporate head quarters.

  • Acoustic design of airconditioning systems.
    We believe that we are among the forerunners in airconditioning acoustic design and analysis (but not architectural acoustic design however) with in house analysis software etc





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